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Details of Activity

Activity Code : PSP2023003
Activity Name : Visit to Guangzhou, Nansha and Shenzhen by the Secretary for Justice and Hong Kong Legal Practitioners
Timing : 8 to 10 Jun 2023 (3 days)
Location : Guangzhou, Nansha and Shenzhen, Mainland
Activity Organiser : Department of Justice
Collaborating Professional Body Hong Kong Bar Association
The Law Society of Hong Kong
Potential PSP Applicant : The Law Society of Hong Kong
Target Beneficiary Sector : Legal services
Format :
  • Visits to provincial and district government
  • Meetings with representatives from courts
  • Company visit
Estimated Number of Participants : 22
Approved Maximum Subsidy Level :
Participation Cost Item Approved Maximum Subsidy Level (HK$)
Travel Cost $200 (one-way train ticket from Hong Kong to Guangzhoudong)
Accommodation Cost $2,500 (1 night of hotel accommodation in Guangzhou and 1 night of hotel accommodation in Shenzhen)
  • The maximum amount of subsidy for each eligible participation cost item under PSP is 90% of the actual cost incurred for this item by Hong Kong professionals participating in eligible activities, up to the approved maximum subsidy level.
  • The approved maximum subsidy levels for eligible participation cost items cannot be transferred amongst themselves.
  • The PSP subsidy will be provided on a reimbursement basis, subject to the participating professionals’ full attendance of the activity concerned.
Contact : Department of Justice
Ms Catherine Wong
Tel: 3918 4125

The Law Society of Hong Kong
Mr Tyson Tsang
Tel: 2846 0528
Eligible Hong Kong professionals participating in the approved activity may approach the Potential PSP Applicant to apply for subsidy under PSP.