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Project Details

Project Reference : PS173016
Project Title : From Mass Production to Scale Customisation: Challenges and Opportunities for Hong Kong Industrial Design Professionals
Grantee : Federation of Hong Kong Industries
Major Beneficiary
Design services
Grant Approved : HK$1,801,000
Project Deliverables :
  1. One research study on selection of scale customisation suppliers of Hong Kong Industrial Design Professional (HKIDP) and standards of the external market
  2. One guidebook on the best practice of HKIDP’s selection of scale customisation supplier in Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN)
  3. Three thematic workshops on Hong Kong’s industrial design services and scale customisation in Hong Kong
  4. One pavilion including guided tours and dissemination seminars at “DesignInspire” organised by Hong Kong Trade Development Council
  5. One final report on the project outcome
Project Duration : 12 Months
Commencement Date : 01/04/2018
Completion Date : 31/03/2019