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Project Details

Project Reference : PS164002
Project Title : Outreaching for Professional Auditors and Enhancing Competitiveness of Local Professional in South East Asia Market
Grantee : Hong Kong Institution of Certified Auditors Limited
Major Beneficiary
Technical testing and analysis services
Grant Approved : HK$712,000
Project Deliverables :
  1. Three workshops on the new ISO9001:2015 Standard for three industry trades
  2. Participation in two international exhibitions
  3. Three visits to related auditor organisations in Taipei, Singapore and Beijing respectively for promotion
  4. One market report covering (1) trends and needs of auditor services for certification; and (2) cross boarder audit work and certification industries in the Mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore
Project Duration : 15 Months
Commencement Date : 01/08/2017
Completion Date : 31/10/2018